How to migrate my account to Wild Mail?

If you would like to jump on a call with our team for a Wild Mail demo you can schedule a call here.

There are two options depending on the email provider tool that you are currently using.

1. Migrate your account from ActiveCampaign:

  • Please go to this page and complete the migration form.

  • Once this form is completed, you will receive an email asking you to confirm the migration request (you will need to reply to ALL). 

  • ActiveCampaign should then proceed with the migration. Once the migration is confirmed by AC, you'll receive onboarding emails from us.

Please note that the main difference between ActiveCampaign and Wild Mail is that we are based in Europe (Barcelona) and charge our customers in Euro (not in $). That saves a ton of currency conversion fees for our customers every month. As well, your account manager is from Europe.

We are also currently building software features for marketing reporting and financial performance reporting (attribution tracking) which will only be available for Wild Mail - and not for ActiveCampaign. 

The rest of Wild Mail is identical to ActiveCampaign! You can find all differences here (including online trainings, automation templates, and workshops and Q&A calls). Our prices (which are slightly below the ones of ActiveCampaign) can be found here.

2. Migrate your account from another email provider (Aweber, MailChimp, etc):

  • Please go to this page and create a Wild Mail account (trial). If you do already have one, please skip to the next step.

  • Please go to this page and complete the migration request form (question 4 please enter your Wild Mail account URL).

  • You will receive the next steps and the migration confirmation by email. Read this article if you'd like to upgrade your account.

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