Rebels Calls: ​What is the difference between Hot Seat, Review, Q&A & Workshop calls?

What is the difference between Hot Seat, Review, Q&A & Workshop calls?

Currently we offer 2 calls every month which are split as the following:

Q&A Call: In this call we all jump on a call to discuss, chat and ask and answer each others questions. The important part is that the questions will be answered by anyone who has good input for it. That way a knowledge transfer will happen and different views can be shared.


Hot Seat Call: In this call we would love to put 2 persons (30min each) on a Hot Seat and really dive deep into one problem in their business/marketing etc. This way we can really do intensive consulting and also help on really important problems. You can request your seat by replying at the event. Please note that you do not need to be scared lol, it is not about grilling or pointing out what is bad but about really getting to a solution.


Review Call: In this call you can share landing pages / facebook ads / automations of yourself, clients or competitors and get feedback on what we would improve. Ideally you submit the material before the call so we can prepare for it.


Workshop Call: In this call we will dive deep on one particular issue and give an in-depth workshop about it (approx. 1h) and then also take time to discuss it (approx. 1h).

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