What are the benefits of using Wild Mail?

By using Wild Mail you get access to:

  • Our 5-Best Funnel Automation Templates including high-performance copy. These took Wild Audience from $0 to multiple six figures in revenue. They are always kept up to date. You can use them with a 1 click install. They go a level beyond what Relationship Funnel offers.

  • A 20-Lesson course that will help you get started with Wild Mail and understand how to use it

  • A 3-hour Email Copy Workshop by Wild Audience's copywriter.

  • 10 Best-Performing Email Copies (from our Evergreen Newsletter)

  • A monthly Automation Q&A session with one Wild Audience team member

If that's enough to convince you, sign up today for a 14-Day trial here or migrate your account on this page.

Feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions :-)

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