What are the benefits of Accelerator?

Accelerator Benefits

Expected Results In 90 Days:
(this only works if you have a proven offer, a client success case study and do what we say)

  1. You scheduled your first sales calls and you have the systems in place to have your weeks fully booked with sales calls.
  2. Your CPA (cost per acquisition) metrics are dialed in and you know exactly how much it costs you to acquire leads, book sales calls and close customers.
  3. You know your sales conversion rates throughout every step of your sales funnel (visitor > lead, lead > sales call, sales call > client).
  4. New leads are coming in daily to go through your Relationship Funnel.
  5. You may even already generate revenue (depends on sales cycle length).
  6. You may be able to see ROAS (depends on sales cycle length).

Accelerator Focus:

Accelerator focuses on 4 areas to help you implement a marketing automation system to build authentic relationships with your audience and grow your business:

  1. Lead Generation (driving enough leads into your funnel).
  2. Lead Nurturing (establishing relationships automatically & preparing for the close).
  3. Conversion Event (closing deals - getting people to purchase your product/service).
  4. Hidden ROI (90/180/365 day ROI).

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