Problems We Solve With RF Accelerator

Are you currently experiencing one or a few of the following problems?

  • You don’t have a good enough funnel to acquire customers/clients at profit and scale.
  • You don’t manage to get your own or your team’s calendar booked with sales calls.
  • You fail to close a high enough percentage on the phone to maintain a healthy profit margin.
  • You're sending cold emails ever day at volume but actually you would prefer if people would reach out to and schedule inbound calls instead.
  • You don't know how much it should cost you to acquire leads, acquire sales calls and acquire customers in order to scale your funnel effords.
  • Most of your revenue comes in through referrals, friends of friends & networking? What if we could help you build an evergreen sales funnel that fills up your calendar with daily sales conversations?
  • You are still relying on product launches? You think product launches are stressful and you have seen or heard that the effectiveness of product launches have decreased? You are looking for the “new” way?
  • You have made a good amount of revenue but your revenue has hit a plateau now which you haven’t successfully achieved to let behind? What if we identify your main growth bottlenecks and set up necessary automated systems to achieve next level revenue milestones?
  • You have a sales funnel but your ROI is not as high as you need it to be? Some of our clients achieve 2-10 times higher ROIs than what average companies achieve. What if you would achieve that too? What would do that for your business?
  • You have some sort of sales funnel, you generate 6-figures in revenue but you struggle to scale our lead generation and hit 7-figures in annual run rate?
  • You had some success with promotions but now struggle to successfully turn them into a high-performing evergreen sales process. What if we showed you how to combine evergreen funnels with launches/promotions and achieve a healthy 70/30 (evergreen/promotion) revenue split?

If you are struggling with any of the above..

Then our Relationship Funnel Accelerator program is for you.

The Relationship Funnel Accelerator is a step-by-step program designed to solve your customer acquisition problem.

Are you prepared to start scaling your business to 7-figures and beyond with our proven and tested 90-day program?

Click this link to get more details about the Relationship Funnel Accelerator.

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