Difference between Wild Mail and ActiveCampaign

We like to define Wild Mail as the deluxe version of ActiveCampaign.

This means that in Wild Mail you will find everything you have in ActiveCampaign but with extra benefits and a few differences.
A. The main differences between Wild Mail and ActiveCampaign are the billing (1) and the branding (2).
  • Wild Audience handles the billing process directly instead of ActiveCampaign and your billing will appear in €. Our pricing is the same as ActiveCampaign but can sometimes slightly differ due to the currency exchange. Everything about the billing can be found here
  • The logo that appears in the upper left corner will be Wild Mail and not ActiveCampaign.

B. That's it for the differences now let's what the benefits are:

(1) Analytics Features

Wild Mail offers different analytics features & integrations which are only available with Wild Mail:

  • Coming Q1 2021 Stripe integration
    Integration your Stripe account into Wild Mail and see how much revenue each campaign, contact or automation generates.
  • Coming Q1 2021 Contact Analytics
    See additional data points like purchase history, CLV, MRR, ARR, time on site etc.. to build more successful campaigns & funnels.
  • Coming 2021 Attribution tracking
    Compare your different acquisition channels with tag-based attribution tracking to quickly learn which channel generates more ROI.

(2) Unique Method

We pioneered Respect-Based Marketing & Relationship Funnels and offer our strategy & templates right in Wild Mail for our customers.

  • Learn more about Respect Based Marketing here.
  • Learn more about Relationship Funnels here.

(3) Support via emails and courses from our expert team.

  • Our Wild Mail course can be found here.
  • You can ask questions by email or chat any moment, please read this article to understand how support works for Wild Mail. 
  • We will use loom to reply to your question and support requests with custom videos to provide details and help you as much as possible. 

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