All you need to know about Wild Mail partner commissions

You became a Wild Mail partner and converted your first customer. Great job!

Now you probably want to know when & how commissions are paid out to you. This help article will answer this question.

A) 60 Days:

Commissions are paid after 60 days of conversion. This is industry standard is done to avoid problems with canceled or refunded accounts.

B) 100€ Threshold:

We will only start paying out commissions once you hit 100€ is earned commissions. We do this in order to avoid paying micro amounts where fees are higher than commissions. This means we will pay out your commissions every time as soon as you hit 100€.

C) Paid Monthly:

Every month our team will pay out all commissions to partners that meet the the above two guidelines:

  1. After 60 days
  2. Min. of 100€ in commissions

D) Paid via PayPal:

Commissions are paid out via PayPal. During the partner registration process you registered your PayPal account. This is the account we will use to send you the money. You can change your PayPal account by clicking on your name in the top right corner and then "Edit profile".

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